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JOEL GREGORY HOLMAttorney At LawMediator5555 West Loop South, Suite 510Bellaire, Texas  77401713-622-1901713-429-5364 - 

Real Estate

Real Estate -  We prepare Real Estate Contracts, Deeds, Leases, and Sale Contracts, all of which are personalized to your particular situation.   We can review your Leases, Earnest Money Contracts, and also review Commitments for Title Insurance issued by your Title Company.  We often represent clients at real estate closings and advise you on the numerous and complicated real estate closing documents you may be required to sign. We work with both residential real estate and commercial real estate matters.


    With any real estate matter, what is contained in the documents the parties will sign is very important and will control the outcome of the transaction.   It is a good idea to have your real estate documents (both residential and commercial) prepared by an attorney, and if your attorney did not prepare the documents it is a good idea to have an attorney review them before you sign.  For many people, the purchase of a house is the biggest purchase they will ever make, often involving mortgage loans that can take many years to pay off.  Having your attorney review your purchase documents and go to closing with you can help you understand what you are signing.


Mediation:    Joel Holm can represent you in a Real Estate Mediation.  The attorney is also act as a Mediator in real estate disputes between other parties.



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